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The Rant-N-Ramble


Joe Humor Gets Jacked!

Wow, nothing like waking up from a Sunday nap, checking out Facebook, only to find one of my t-shirt designs on a sign that somebody else made!

Check out my Facebook and scroll down, I shared the post, you'll see it there.  This is the one that got jacked: 

Well, it's a great design. Just so long as that person doesn't sue me for putting it on a t-shirt as if it was his idea.  Ha! You can bet I'll be speaking in 12 gauge if that happens!

- Joe Humor

Who's To Blame?

Some idiot decides that purposely murdering 2 NY cops is somehow going to help things.

Before that, the NY cops accidentally kill a guy while trying to arrest him for illegally selling loose cigarettes.

Before that, officials in NY decided that selling loose cigarettes was illegal because no taxes are collected, and that it was worth sending multiple officers to arrest anyone who dares to do it.

Before that, the people of NY voted in these idiotic liberal officials hell bent on big government, oppressive laws, and taxes, taxes, taxes.

With that perspective, I now ask you, who's to blame for all that is going on?

Just a thought.

- Joe Humor

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