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About Joe Humor

"Basically, this site is designed to make fun of the world so effectively that all your frustrations, fears, and psychotic fantasies will unequivocally be released through laughter and joy such that you will feel no need whatsoever to go out and blow anything up --- except cats, but then that's understandable.   

I'm kidding, I'm kidding.  I have several cats, unfortunately, but they are very much whole, totally non-blown up, I assure you.  Just relax and enjoy."  --- Joe Humor

"Life's A Joke, Why Not Laugh At It?"

I came up with that statement while stuck out in a cold barn in the middle of the night with no one around to hear my great philosophical musing but a bunch of idiotic cows.  I laid it on them anyway and was met with the same response I always receive when trying to talk to a group of Holsteins --- another splattering of recycled hay.

No, cows don't talk much, but then they are the only creatures I've ever met who view "standing" as a perfectly acceptable and exciting social activity.  So, what can we expect?

Convinced that my humor and philosophical attitude toward life deserved more respect, and more of a response, I decided to create my own web site and bring my words to a more enlightened species --- humans.  

Of course, the idea that us humans are actually enlightened is a controversial one.  Take Paris Hilton, for example.  No, seriously take her, anywhere.  Preferably somewhere with books, strict teachers, and no men.  Now, I'm not trying to be rude, but that girl seriously puts a damper on the whole enlightened species thing all by herself.  I'm sure somewhere, deep down, she is a good girl, but come on.  She has all the money in the world she could ever possibly need, all the time to pursue any opportunity she can think of, and this is what she does with herself?

Still, I decided to pursue my writing interests anyway because you know what?  I'm not out to save the world.  I'm out to make fun of it.  Why you might ask?  Why not, I might say in return.  After which you'll repeat your question and I'll repeat mine and we'll be stuck in an everlasting rhetorical loop that is just so third grade that we might as well skip it.

In other words, there is no why!  Only because...

Because I like to write, I love to be creative, and I've always felt the world takes itself way too seriously and people in general need to lighten up and have a little more fun.

Sure, I take things seriously when needs be, but, to be quite honest, that isn't nearly as often as most think it is.

The point is, you simply cannot control everything.  No matter what you do, life will never go exactly as planned.  So.... life's a joke, why not laugh at it?  Make fun out of everything possible and enjoy things while you can.

That is what I think, that is what I do, and I'm hell bent and intent on spreading it throughout the world.

Yeehaw!!  Wow, look at me getting all wound up.  I'd better do some jumping jacks to blow off some excess energy.

OK, did three, now I'm ready for a nap.  

Seriously, though, just enjoy the site, send me your comments, drop me a tip or buy one of my products if you feel I deserve it, and most importantly just have fun!

Thanks for reading!

 ---  Joe Humor (otherwise known as Joe Bingham --- and a few other names in FBI circles. Just kidding, I'm a good boy).


Copyright 2010, Joe Bingham.  All Rights Reserved Worldwide, and universally (just in case there are any aliens reading this).   All content on this site is 100% original and written by me, Joe Bingham, for the express purpose of entertainment and fun.  At no time is anything intended to offend, insult, or otherwise enrage anyone.  If you find yourself upset or otherwise ticked off, relax, I'm just freakin' kidding, OK?  Don't take things so seriously.  "Life IS a joke, why not laugh at it?"  Please just enjoy yourself and let me attempt to enrich your life with a little more fun and a lot more laughs.  Thanks for reading  --- Joe Humor