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Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit,

An Unexpected(ly long) Journey

I saw the final Hobbit movie a couple of days ago.  Aside from the usual ridiculousness - suspension of the law of gravity, overnight healing of major traumatic injuries, hobbits throwing rocks with the force of a cannon - it was a good movie. 

It opened with a welcome message from Peter Jackson.  I don't remember what all he said.  I just remember wondering why after so many successful movies he still couldn't afford a haircut.

There were a couple of very impressive moments.  Amazingly, Legolas did indeed finally run out of arrows, but considering he can walk on air, it didn't really slow him down much.

Overall, it was fun.  It's been fun all along.  The first Lord of the Rings movie, The Fellowship of the Ring, came out in 2001, and here we are thirteen years later finally learning what happened before that story began.  

Thirteen years! That was a long time to wait!  Who do they think has that kind of patience?

I actually have a friend who - no, seriously, I have a friend. Yes a real one.  Anyway, this friend hadn't seen the LOTR movies.  He was thinking about finally watching them, until he heard they were going to make The Hobbit films.  Then, he decided to just wait for those to be completed so he could watch the whole thing in the proper order.   

That's who has that kind of patience.  Jerk. Of course, he doesn't even like The Matrix, so who cares about his opinion. 

Anyway, it has been an unexpectedly long journey with these films, but an awesome one - even if the great eagles, who always show up just in time to save the day, could have handled the whole thing on their own in like 15 minutes if they had wanted to do so.

I'm done.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  

- Joe Humor

Oh, and by the way, Dr. Sarcasm demanded that I throw this in, so here it is...

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  The Philosophical Musings of Dr. Sarcasm

Why For?

Do you think you understand people?  Feel like you have a pretty good handle on the world?  Why things are the way they are?  Why people do what they do?


Ha!  You have no freaking clue!  Trust me.  Let Dr. Sarcasm explain... Why For?


  The "Bo Gus" News

  New "Surgery App" Improves Doctor's Golf Game

"Spending so much time in the operating room was really hurting my golf game," complained Doctor Faye Koffman.  "How am I supposed to tour with the L PGA one day with all these people needing cancer and stuff cut out of them all the time?" 


Naturally, science had to step in and solve this horrific problem....


Enter the new Surgery App now available for download...


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